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/brushes dust off account to bring you a TUTORIAL

Okay I pretty much never post here anymore because my life is never really interesting enough to warrant it, so instead this is just going to be more Internet Tutorials (mostly for people who role-play on Livejournal). Next time I'm going to try the megalith that is the Livejournal Addon, but today I'm going to introduce you to Cookie Swap.

This add-on, in its base design, is meant to allow multiple people to use the same computer without people having to constantly log one another in and out in order to access things like email or Amazon or what have you. For us, who are probably people who own our own computers and don't have to deal with concepts like sharing, this can also be a useful tool for any website where you might create multiple accounts -- livejournal, facebook, gmail, gaia, etc. The downside is the same as its main perk; the switch isn't localized to any one domain, so if you swap from "Profile 1" to "Profile 3," it changes all of your cookies simultaneously, which can be a little annoying if you, say, only have one email account and twenty profiles, and don't want to have to login anew every time you switch.

This is where I am coming in to help you!

You can pick it up here. Under the cut I'm going to show you the easy way to "clone" your initial file, so that when you go off to make your twenty profiles for your various RP journals, it won't log you out of gmail every goddamn time.

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And that's it! You are now ready to conquer your accounts.
If you run into any trouble, or something doesn't make sense to you (I'm writing this at two in the morning, I have no idea how much sense I'm making), go ahead and drop a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

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Also today is my birthday :3 so if you'd like to show your appreciation you can flood my profile with spiders or something. You may also add whatever the fuck tags you would like to this entry.
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My clothing has taken to encouraging speeches, and everything in my kitchen is infected with mangoes.

The life of an olesia.

So my mother has, in the recent year, been very taken with mango in her salsa. I don't eat salsa, so this is of no concern to me. Sometimes she buys us lunch from Qdoba, and during the summer they have a mango-something chicken salad—which is not bad, truth be told! But mango and I are not really the closest of friends, so in that situation I could really take it or leave it.

But now it has started getting into my other foods, in ways that make no sense. I had some cheese yesterday that proclaimed to have apricots in it. They were mangoes.

I had a goddamn sausage with secret mango in it. Why. Why would anyone ever do such a thing. It still had beef or whatever and yet, there, small clumps of mango, as big and as unwelcome as stray fingernail clippings.

For the other half of this, a hat I got at the convention had a slip of paper in the pocket (why this hat has a pocket is also a mystery) that wants me to know that "good people are guided by their honesty." (This same hat got me free coffee while at said convention, while I was being... honest? So maybe there's something to it.) The shirt I'm currently wearing, on the reverse side of the care/wash instructions, includes a bible verse about the strength of love and reiterates twice that Love NEVER gives up!

So my wardrobe might be conspiring to help me change my life for the better, as far as it can tell. When do I get my Disney musical number?
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Things that happen when olesia can't sleep:

all the contacts in her phone are now comic book characters or otherwise fictional. also in capslock. RP friends are their characters. Non-RP friends/family are completely random.

My dad is now Thor. Or, rather, THOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRR. I think my grandmother is going to wind up being Ganon.

Good morning flist-chan. How are you?

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The one-hour finale was tonight and it was beautiful from start to finish

if i think too long about how much i loved it -- and how much this series on the whole has meant to me -- i'm going to start crying and I don't know when i'll be able to stop


i'm going to go refresh the japanese sites and grab screencaps and maybe come back and talk about this later
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I am going to look at this post in a week and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

If I had an icon of J. Jameson right now, I'd use it, because that is the kind of post this is.


... preferably pictures where said asses are displayed. Any sex/gender is fine, so long as the asses are fine.

Yes this is probably the weirdest post I will ever make.
No, I'm not explaining what this is for.

edit: yes there are now pictures of naked people in the comments so I guess this entry is not safe for looking at if you're at your grandmother's house.
Unless your grandmother is as cool as mine. Then you're fine.
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So I'm chilling in my room, not doing much of anything.

Mom knocks on the door. Opens it. Walks in with a very serious expression on her face, and holds up an envelope.

"Is there something you need to tell me?"

I look at her face. Very serious; I am clearly in trouble of some kind. I look at the envelope, expecting any number of terrible things.

I read the envelope.

I look back at her

back at the envelope


both of us start cracking up laughing


what the hell mailing list am I on??
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✖ Clean clean clean (we're painting!)
✖ Bank stuuuuff (I do not need this many accounts bank stop it)
✖ Wish Mono a happy birthday (presuming LJ is not lying to me)
✖ Comicon?? (Still need to pick which day I want to go.)
✖ Apps (this queue snuck up on me)
✖ Dropped Characters List (half-done, but it's still a mess)
✖ World FAQ (why is it so long. i swear i am spending more time trying to make this concise than actually writing information kill me now)
✖ The Other FAQs (why are there so many)
✖ Tags (when and why did I get active again...)
✖ Activity Check (this won't be till later but still on the list)
✖ WHEN THE THINGS ARE FINISHED: LIVESTREAM PARTY OF THE TERRA E MOVIE (AGAIN...) (most of the people who need to see it have not seen it.)

My life is incredibly mundane, and I couldn't be gladder for it.
hi this post is useless to you but it's four-thirty am and i clearly don't give a crap